Privacy Policy

Good news: Earthize does not currently collect any information from our users. We literally just take the thing you're searching for and show you the most relevant article from our website, you do not need to sign up and provide your name, email address, password or anything like that.


Our sponsors, advertisers and partners may place cookies on your device for the purposes of tracking your order back to us so that we can gain commission from sales to fund our website and app. These links will always be clearly marked, so no cookies will be placed on your device unless you actively click the link after making an informed decision to do so.

If you think you have clicked a link on our website which has placed cookies on your device, and you want to get rid of them, open the settings of your web browser and find the option to clear your browsing history. You can either clear everything or, in some browsers, you may be able to select individual cookies to delete.

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