Restore nature by changing your search engine

Restore nature by changing your search engine

You can help save the planet by doing something you already do several times every single day. By switching your search engine to Ecosia, you’ll be helping reforestation projects every time you search.

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia Logo

Ecosia is a search engine like Google or Bing. You type what you want into the search bar, and it shows you results – simple!

What makes Ecosia special is that they use the revenue they generate from every search to fund reforestation projects. You even get your own personalised counter showing how many trees you have contributed to planting.

Changing your search engine to Ecosia is a small thing you can do for free that will have a huge positive impact on the environment. Why not check it out?

How do I use it?

To use Ecosia on your PC, Simply go to in your web browser and search the same way you would with any other search engine. Ecosia will prompt you to install a plugin if your web browser supports it. This plugin changes your default search engine to Ecosia so you can search straight from the address bar!

Ecosia also has an app for both Android devices and iPhones. Simply install the app and use it as your web browser. Alternatively, you can change the settings in your current web browser to make Ecosia the default search engine.

Does it really work?

Yes it does! Check out this story about how I convinced my local council to use Ecosia as their search engine, and they funded the planting of 3,600 trees in 2 years.

Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game developer, font designer and founder of, involved in green activism for over a decade.

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