What are the most eco-friendly mobile phones in 2024?

greenest mobile phones

First things first: The most eco-friendly mobile phone is the one you already have. The longer you can hang on to your phones in general, the better, since every time we get new phones more tech waste is created.

But let’s say you need need a new phone. Which ones are the most eco-friendly on the market today?

Fairphone 5

Fairphone is by far the most environmentally friendly and ethical phone on the market today. Fairphone is electronic waste-neutral, reusing or recyling the same weight of old phones per new phone they create. Their phones are easily repairable and built to last, with software support planned up to 2031.

Out of the box the phone runs on Android 13, has 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, 3 cameras with a maximum resolution of 50MP and a 6.4″ screen with a resolution of 1224×2700.

Unlike previous models, the Fairphone 5 holds its own with other flagship phones on the market today and is created in a far more ethical way.

Teracube 2e

Teracube is a slightly cheaper model of sustainable phone, with a new option called “Thrive” for children which is even cheaper. The phone is easily repairable, boasts a four-year warranty and a reduced carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. It runs Android 11, has 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 3 cameras with a maximum resolution of 13MP and a 6.1″ screen with a resolution of 720×1560.

In terms of technical specifications, it’s certainly several years behind other phones on the market, but it’s cheap and eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Mobile Networks

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Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game developer, font designer and founder of earthize.org, involved in green activism for over a decade.

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