Eco-Friendly Search Engine Ecosia Plants 200 Million Trees

Ecosia reaches 200 million trees planted

Tree-planting search engine Ecosia announced today they have reached a total of 200 million trees planted. The website, which launched in December 2009, has raised over 80 million euros for environmental causes.

Ecosia allows users to search the internet just like Google or Bing, but they use money they make from advertising to plant trees and invest in renewable energy.

Writing on the official Ecosia blog, CEO and founder Christian Kroll said:

With every search and every share, you have allowed us to do so much good for the planet, and we have no plans to stop here. If everyone reading this shared Ecosia with a friend, we could reach 300 million in no time.

Ecosia’s users can see an estimate of how many trees they have helped to plant with their web searches, which can be synced across web browsers, the Android app and the iPhone app.

Daniel Johnston Menezes

Game developer, font designer and founder of, involved in green activism for over a decade.

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