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Council’s Web Searches Fund 3,600 Trees in 2 Years

In 2021 I wrote to South Gloucestershire council asking them to change their search engine to Ecosia on computers, phones and tablets owned and operated by the council. In January 2022 they did exactly that and have been quietly using Ecosia as their search engine ever since until a source at the council contacted me today to reveal the scale of their achievement.


Labour leftists looking for a win should embrace the Greens

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a left-leaning Labour member who’s happy with the direction their party is taking. Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign pitched him as Corbyn-lite, but three years on he’s positioned himself to the right of the Conservatives. Long gone are the pledges of nationalised utilities, freedom of movement and a foreign policy based on peace and justice. Instead, Starmer’s Labour is a party of big business, harsh immigration rules and war in the middle east.